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Training & Development

Skills are the Middle East largest training & most brilliant consultants and highly experienced specialists to conduct our seminars and workshops all around the world.

  1. Public programs
    These programs aim at using modem technology to prepare trainees to face the changes of the market and technology. At the end of the programs the students are granted professional certificates.
  2. Tailor-Made Programs
    In addition to the regular courses, special training programs can be tailored to meet the needs of the personnel of a given organization and to increase their performance efficiency.
  3. Seminars and conferences (Outside Kuwait)
    A new approach has been adapted to increase the awareness of urgent issues and tough challenges, which are present in our daily lives. In order to present an insight into these issues, the seminars and conferences provide important tools of knowledge through our professional speakers’ local & International. Also it gives a great knowledge exchange between participants.


Investing the wide experience accumulated by Leaders, and as a response to the request of a large group of business firms, his services based on expert training of professional and technical consultants in their fields of interests and specializations.

  1. Strategic & Administration Development Consultations
    • Business Plans Preparation
    • Develop Corporate & Strategic Plan
    • Design corporate and department Organization Structure
    • Prepare Job descriptions, profiles & Authorities
    • Introduce Organizational Improvements
    • Introduce corporate governance
  2. Financial & Accounting Consultations
    • Prepare financial plans & policies
    • Design Automated financial and Accounting systems
    • Prepare Procurement Policies
    • Prepare fixed assets, inventory and financial control processes
    • Design annual budgeting process
    • Carry out Financial Analysis and assessment
    • Prepare financial models
  3. Human Resources Consultations

    • Prepare man power plan
    • Design Work Structure, Team & Job responsibility
    • Conduct job valuation , grading and pay scales
    • Introduce Competency Modelling & Analysis
    • Apply Performance Management system
    • Develop Personnel Policies & Procedures
    • Carry out staff assessment process & culture building