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Who we Are

Skills International Founded in Kuwait, and Is considered one of the most important training and consultancy company in the Middle East.

Skills International conducts more than 200 seminars and program In Gulf ,Europe, and Asia in several areas of rehabilitation and development of the workforce in the private and governmental firms to perform their assigned tasks efficiently and excellence through provid¬ing them according to their needs, knowledge and deep necessary skills they need to perform their tasks seamlessly in terms of quality, performance, and method of providing services, and the way to interact with others through the continued development of training programs and ways of preparing and developing the skills and capabilities covering such courses and conferences at all levels, starting from the basic skills up to high developed techniques.

Skills International spread between your hands Its long experience in working through a network of advisors from all over the world to provide:

  • Courses, seminars and intemal and external training to develop expertise.
  • Consulting to deal with areas that can provide assistance for development.
  • Personal training to members of senior management who need to train intensely personal.

Our Mission & Vision

for training and consulting considered one of the most professional organization for training and development in Kuwait , and in the Arab region so we set a lot of cooperations’, and attracted experts to achieve our goals and gain the trust of from all our clients.

  • To train and develop personnel In private and public sectors.
  • Build a partnership with local firms, as well as with regional and International organizations that engage in activities related to the training and rehabilitation of individuals to share experi-ences and expertise. Gain knowledge and update It to provide seminars, panel discussions and conferences in management, finance, media, public relations, and other related topics.
  • Perform consultation for ministries, interna-tional and regional organi zations to develop their various activities.

Our Value

We believe that quality comes first. We are fully committed to provide our customers with high-quality pro-grams along with level of service